Monday, February 15th, 2010

About us

Our mission is to make rhythmic gymnastics accessible to all young girls in our community, and to provide continuing opportunities to those who wish to excel in this sport. Our club activities are focused on teaching and refining the skills and techniques required in this sport, and showcasing these skills at special community events around the region. In the future, we will seek sponsorship and actively participate in regional and national Junior Olympics events and programs.

Our primary goal is to grow the school and offer comprehensive programs, both recreational and competitive, at all levels of rhythmic gymnastics and related disciplines. Long term, we seek to offer our gymnasts, both present and future, challenges and enjoyment that will help them to be the best that they can be.Our training provides the conditioning and flexibility essential for success in not only rhythmic gymnastics and ballet, but figure skating, synchronized swimming, and all forms of dance.Our program is based on the important principle of team work, fostering a culture of respect and responsibility in helping one another to learn. Our gymnasts carry these qualities into success in their academic lives as well.

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Jewish day School

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Enatai Elementary School Bellevue

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